May 2023 Newsletter

 In this issue, you’ll find articles on:

  • Studying Abroad – Freshman Year or Later  The opportunity to live and study in a foreign country is seen by students and parents alike as not just a fun part of college but necessary preparation for working in a global economy. But there are many different types of study abroad programs. Consider these opportunities.
  • Majoring in Molecular Biology – Molecular biologists explore cells, their characteristics and parts, chemical processes, and how molecules control cellular activity and growth. They frequently focus on certain types of molecules or work to define the biological processes that cause genetic defects. Majoring in this field prepares students for a wide range of careers in scientific research, medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology.
  • Cutting the Cost of College – As financial aid packages arrive, families are faced with just how much college will cost. At many schools, self-help is up, and gift aid is down.  That means that colleges are offering less in the way of tuition discounts or grants and expect families to assume a greater part of the college financial burden.  Luckily, there are ways to cut the cost of college. Explore them here.
  • Colleges that Change Lives – When a college routinely admits B students and transforms them into high-achieving, confident college students, that school is having more of an impact than a highly ranked college that only admits top students. Read on to learn about colleges that do just that!

May 2023 Newsletter by Kate